I grew up in Nyack, New York, where I graduated from Nyack High School in 2006. While there, I was very involved in student activities. Beginning in 7th grade I was a member of the JV Tennis team, and became captain of the Varsity Tennis team my Senior year. I joined the fencing team in 9th grade with foil, but soon realized I wanted to try all the weapons. My Junior year, I qualified for the Junior Olympics Championship Cadet Women’s Epee Event in Arlington, Texas. Although I nearly came in last, it was a great experience, especially as I had only started using the Epee at the start of the season. My Senior year I became captain of the girls team, and formed the girl’s Sabre team. I once again qualified to go to the Junior Olympics Championship, this time in the Junior Women’s Sabre event. Again, I nearly came in last, but the fact that I qualified to go was enough for me. Beyond sports, I was also a member of the Mock Trial team, Indianettes, Art Honor Society, Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, participated in the musical my Freshman year, and worked for both the newspaper and yearbook, where I was Editor-in-Chief my Senior year.

My work on the newspaper and yearbook is what inspired me to pursue a degree in journalism and graphic design, which I attained at the University of Miami School of Communications. During my time there I worked on many projects, including the 2006 National Geographic Photo Camp in Homestead, FL, redesigning the marketing collateral for the School of Communication and the Knight Center for International Communications, and was a member (and Art Director) of the school’s independent newspaper – The Miami Hurricane.


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